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You live together. You've got plenty of pots and pans. And you're perfectly happy skipping the fine china. So, why not consider registering for something truly unique? Since couples are now marrying later in life, less traditional and more unique wedding registries are trailblazing new boundaries. Don’t let your registry be constricted, open yourself up to new experiences!
With over 700+ experiences to choose from including adventures for the outdoor explorers, the travelers, the foodies, the culture buffs, and more, Bed Bath & Beyond gives you the chance to make the ultimate wedding registry checklist possible!

How do you make wedding registry ideas unique?

If you’re looking for the best wedding registry items that will really add the most value to your life, there are some great alternatives to the sheets and silverware gifts that, while essential, might not be the most exciting. Below are our favorite wedding registry ideas that truly speak to those who are undeniably unique!
Whatever you choose, be sure to share it on your wedding website and include some time to decide early in the planning process. You don’t want to catch your friends and family off-guard by offering them all of the best wedding gift ideas so close to your wedding day. Keep in mind, this is a list to get you started brainstorming about what might be your ideal wedding gift.

The Honeymoon Registry ideas

Perhaps the most conventional of the unique wedding registry ideas is the honeymoon registry! If you’re unfamiliar, a honeymoon fund basically asks guests to make a financial contribution to your post-wedding getaway as a wedding gift. The best part, though, is that your guests don’t have to feel like they’re just forking over cash for some undefined purpose.
On sites like Bed Bath & Beyond, guests can choose which part of the trip they want to fund. You can ask for a little help paying for everything from romantic dinners and outdoor adventures. That way, it feels a bit more like a conventional gifts registry; relatives and friends can easily connect with you about your list of honeymoon registry items and make sure that you enjoyed every second of their contribution.
Spur Experinces
Alaska Rainforest Canopy Tour
Explore Alaska's Kenia Fjords National Park with the Temperate Rainforest Canopy Adventure. With 9 ziplines, 3 suspension bridges, and 2 rappels to explore, you'll also get outfitted with harness and helmets for your adventure.
Another perk of this popular registry idea is that it’s all online! Your guests won’t have to worry about ideas for wedding registry gifts for you; it’s all included in one package. Couples who might have a limited honeymoon and wedding budget in the first place can now feel free to dream big (at least within reason). If you are choosing this registry idea, take the time to make a list of the places you can feasibly afford and what upgrades or inspiration that you would want to include. Take one piece of your wedding planning off your plate and allow your loved ones to add a great new spin to your honeymoon. Choose where you’re off to, and they’ll provide the rest!

The Absolutely Anything Registry

So maybe you do need a set of baking sheets or a set of nice china for future dinner parties…but you don’t want to only register for household items. A more traditional wedding registry may limit you to only one store, and that store might not have everything you need (or want) for your wedding presents. Your answer: Bed Bath & Beyond.
You can add your favorite gas grill, a cocktail shaker, and a full length mirror, all in one place (making your guests’ lives way easier). Instead of opening a separate wedding registry at every store you want different gifts from, Bed Bath & Beyond is the best wedding registry for more “one-stop-shop” couples (and their loved ones). 
Another feature that’s been trending registries lately and is also included on Bed Bath & Beyond, is something called group gifting, which allows you to break down big-ticket wedding registry items (whether it’s an espresso machine for all those coffee lovers or a brand new vacuum cleaner) into smaller chunks so your friends on a budget can make a contribution. This way, both the couple and the gifters can get the most bang for their buck.
5-in-1 Indoor Grill
The Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill brings outdoor grilling flavors indoors, without the smoke. With Cyclonic Grilling Technology™, 500F super hot air delivers Surround Searing, while the 500F high-density grill grate creates char-grilled marks.
Studio 3B
Arched floor length mirror
No installation required, just lean against the wall. Makes an impact in any room
Espresso Machine
Easily prepare authentic, amazing-tasting espressos by following the barista method of grinding fresh beans and extracting the grounds for immediate use with the Barista Express with Conical Burr Grinder and Dose Control.

The Absolutely Anything—With Added Style—Registry

There’s one flaw with the option above (as there always seems to be with the best of things). Sometimes having too many options at your fingertips makes the whole process even more overwhelming. That’s why we love Bed Bath & Beyond for registries. They've got just about everything you could want to register for, but the options are picked from specific, stylish brands
From home to weekend to experiences, it’s not just things on this registry. In addition to your traditional home decor and electric kettle, close friends and family can select experiences like couples massages, hot air balloon rides or even an exhilarating zip line adventure straight from your wish list.
Spur Experinces
California hot air balloon
Whisk away above the clouds and over Temecula's gorgeous estates, vineyards, resorts and orchards. Entertaining yet educational, this experience for 2 includes a balloon ride with a toast followed by delectable treats, wine tasting and more.
Bed Bath & Beyond is redefining what it means to be the perfect wedding registry. After all, what’s better than having all of the best wedding registry gifts all in one place? If your wedding registry ideas are outweighing the capabilities of one store, Bed Bath & Beyond is the perfect place to help you organize your wedding presents and provide plenty of gift ideas to your guests well before your wedding day. By the time you’re done with your wedding registry, your new home (or old one) will have everything it needs for a great new start.

The Homebuilding Registry

Everyone’s situation is different, but tying the knot often entails moving in together or buying a house—which is both exciting and expensive. With an online wedding registry like this, your loved ones can help you with your down payment or home renovations.
That way, much like the honeymoon planning, guests can truly see what they’re paying for which, in our opinion, is a registry must. Not only will it help guests feel more comfortable diving deep into their pockets, but it will also make the gifts feel more meaningful if they can have a conversation with you about how much it meant to have a new roof before winter or finally get the interior design of your house just right. After all, after your wedding, home truly is where the heart is, and a wedding registry is all about helping the newlyweds start their life together!

The Crowdfunding Registry

Instead of registering for stuff, you want to register for something big—something you can’t put a name on. Maybe it’s a donation to a charity you really care about or a cash fund to a loved one’s medical expenses. Whatever it is, a crowdfund might just do the trick! One of the most unique and best wedding registry ideas has to be the option for Cash funds for a crowdfunding type wedding registry. Bed Bath and Beyond is one of the many registry sites that allows you to set up a cash gifting campaign so your guests can contribute to something you really care about. This is a way to make sure that your wedding presents are truly making a difference in an area that matters most to you.
Now, we want to be clear. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using your wedding registry to help furnish your house or go on that extravagant honeymoon that you’ve had your eye on for years. However, if you are fortunate to find yourself in a position where you don’t really need items or where something else in your life feels far too important to be ignored, one of the best ways you can repurpose your wedding registry into something more than your standard wedding presents is through crowdfunding. Whether your money is going close to home to help a family member or friend through a hard time or a little bit farther away to a charity either domestic or international, turn your perfect wedding into the perfect gift!

The Foodie Registry

If you’re a couple that prefers eating in to ordering out, make sure that the only thing you’ll ever need in your kitchen is a grocery list. With cookware from top brands, including their own Our Table™, Bed Bath & Beyond caters to all your favorite cookware. Your guests can get everything a budding home chef like yourself desires, and it’s all of great quality. No one wants a registry gift that won’t be strong and sound even as your marriage ages, so you can count on Bed Bath & Beyond who offer brands like, Cuisinart, ZWilling, Le Creuset, and Viking for having a great variety of items that’ll make your home kitchen feel like a Michelin-star-rated restaurant.
If you love the idea of creating a unique wedding registry but aren’t sure you quite have the skills for using all of the gadgets available at Bed Bath & Beyond, they also offer in-person cooking classes! If you’re looking for a new hobby to get into as a couple, cooking is a great way to bond with each other and make sure that you always have an abundance of ideas for date night. Though if cooking isn’t your forte, but you still love eating, maybe a romantic date night at a fancy restaurant would be just as memorable as a traditional gift.

The Booze-y Registry

If you and your S.O. love a good glass of wine or a craft cocktail, then consider having a Booze-y Registry.  Not only can you register for wine/liquor tasting experiences on Bed Bath & Beyond, but you can also add on bar furniture and drinkware such as wine glasses to ensure that your home bar stands up to all of the amazing ones you’ve visited. So whether you'reyour clinking wine glasses at home or making a toast during a wine tasting, there's an abundance of experiences that await you and your loved ones.
Although you may limit yourself to only a couple of cocktails on your wedding night, why not make your wedding gifts booze-related as well? Plus, they have a great section for entertaining which includes cocktail glasses as well as charcuterie board and plate options so you can be the hostess with the mostess!

The Wedding Registry that Gives Back

We think that the biggest wedding registry must-have is something that makes you feel good. For those who believe in the gift that keeps on giving rather than having a traditional gift registry donations as wedding presents are becoming more and more popular, and many couples are even advertising their charities of choice on their nuptial website.
If you decide a philanthropic wedding registry is right for you then, with a charity or crowdfunding wedding registry, you are easing the pressure on friends and family members who may already feel financially stretched with the costs of attending a wedding celebration (travel, hotels, dresses, etc.) and who may not be able to afford an entire item from your wedding registry. This way, they can still give you a wedding present of truly any amount and it can make a huge difference in both of your lives.
If you’re struggling with wedding registry ideas because you simply can’t think of the best registry gifts, make your lives a little easier by talking instead about who you wish you had the ability to give more to. Make a list of charities or organizations that have had an impact on your life, either as a couple or an individual, and then make a commitment to give back.
While these types may be uncommon wedding registry ideas at the time, the numbers are showing that charity and donation-based wedding registries are becoming all the more popular in recent years. So get ready to give back, and explore the option on how to get your guests involved.

The Adrenaline Junkie Registry Ideas

So maybe you’re reading through this list of wedding registry ideas trying to find the one for you and you’re still feeling uninspired. Maybe you’re not looking for ideas on what to buy or where to go or more options for wedding registry items at all.
If this sounds like you, Bed Bath & Beyond has teamed up with Spur Experiences to offer unique experiences. If you happen to be a thrill-seeker this might be the best way to go! Bed Bath & Beyond offers couples (or anyone!) the opportunity to explore new skills and new experiences through their expansive list of activities and tours that they offer in cities across the globe.
Spur Experinces
Los Angeles Bread Workshop
The King's Roost Artisan Bread Workshop teaches how to make freshly milled, whole wheat bread by learning the step-by-step process of The King’s Roosts weekly bread baking routine. You will sample the bread with butter you churn in class.
If you’re feeling uninspired by the list of “normal” wedding registry ideas, ask your friends and family for a wedding present that will give you something that will truly change your life. With Spur Experiences, you can choose a registry gift of a helicopter tour over Manhattan, a full-day fishing trip for sharks in San Diego, or a private rock climbing class in Miami.
Maybe you’re taking the opportunity to have a unique wedding present from Spur as part of your honeymoon package or simply as a part of your new life together, but one thing is for sure: you’ll have plenty to talk about when you thank your wedding guests for their generosity.

How to shop for registry experiences

1. Shop experiences

Browse experiences from around the world & add them to your registry.

2. Receive gift vouchers from wedding guests

When guests purchase experiences from your registry, you’ll get an email.

3. Activate your spur account

Go to and request a password to get started

4. Log in to Spur to schedule

Your gift vouchers will be in your account — book your experiences and enjoy!

You’ve chosen your wedding registry items, now what?

You should choose all your wedding registry items early enough in your planning process in order to advertise it to your wedding guests. Get the list started a few months before you even design your wedding invitation.
If you decide to pair your unique wedding registry idea with a traditional wedding registry in a department store, this will give your guests plenty of time to make a list of feasible gifts they can afford and pick out the items that they truly want to get you.
No matter which wedding registry ideas you pick, it’s generally a good idea to have both a traditional wedding registry and one of these unconventional options. It matters how many registries you have, so don't stretch too thin while at the same time don't use just one.
Your more old-fashioned guests (who can’t wrap their head around the idea of buying a wedding present online) will greatly appreciate the option to buy you a set of silverware or a new toaster oven, while others might appreciate the opportunity to get you a wedding present that is more in line of your actual interests and needs. Remember to keep your wedding registry list diversified!
Bed Bath & Beyond offers a large selection of truly unique experiences catering to styles like wellness enthusiasts and artsy couples. They even have a few classes for all those fitness fanatics out there! We all know that wedding planning is stressful, so once you’ve officially tied the knot, make sure all that time spent finally pays off: plan to indulge in the many experiences life has to offer!
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