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Wedding planning is incredibly exciting, but it can be equally overwhelming. More so if you are operating within a strict budget. One major expense of weddings is flowers – most couples spent between $700 and $2,500 in 2022. To date, fresh flowers are the most popular option for decorations, lending a fresh and romantic look to any celebration. Meanwhile, the number of couples renting wedding flowers is growing, and for good reason. Faux flowers can be used to create a high-quality arrangement, at a fraction of the cost. Allowing couples to allocate more of their budget toward the areas that they prioritize. Such as the venue, food and alcohol, or entertainment. Learn how renting wedding flowers can help to maximize your budget, featuring Something Borrowed Blooms.

No Premiums for Out of Season Flowers

As if fresh wedding flowers weren’t expensive enough, couples are often surprised that specific blooms come at a higher price point. Namely, flowers that are out-of-season or that are not available domestically. These include the always popular Peony, Orchid, and Lily of the Valley. Thankfully, Something Borrowed Bloom’s premium silk flowers are equally stunning – to the point that they are known to fool wedding guests. 
Mix and match pieces from their a la carte inventory. Such as the orchid, rose, and ranunculus-focused Wren Collection, perfect for a modern wedding. Or, opt for a more whimsical design. Like the peachy pink and orange Gemma Collection. They even offer greenery-focused designs for couples who prefer timeless neutrals. Priced per piece, it is easy to curate a cart that aligns with your wedding vision. And you will never pay a premium price, because silk doesn’t go out of season.

Hands-Off & Stress-Free

If we had to choose one factor that makes renting wedding flowers unbeatable, it is that they allow couples to be completely hands-off. Dealing with fresh flowers can be downright stressful. They can only be delivered on the day of, at which point they often require refrigeration. Set out too early or in high temperatures and they can wilt, leading to a lackluster look. Meanwhile, high winds or mishandling can cause irreparable damage. 
Even if you save money by purchasing bulk fresh flowers, as many do from Costco, now you are responsible for piecing together an arrangement. A task that sounds easy but is best left in the hands of a professional floral designer, like the team at Something Borrowed Blooms. They also go to market twice annually to source new stems. Ensuring that couples will have their pick of on-trend designs starring current color schemes and flowers.

Limit Your Environment Impact

Now more than ever before, there is a push for hosting sustainable events; weddings included. Many couples make it their goal to limit the environmental impact of hosting a wedding. One easy way to host a feel-good wedding is to rent your wedding flowers. Reusable arrangements mean fewer carbon emissions, associated with the production, transportation, and packaging of fresh flowers.
It also means less waste, since returning the arrangement for future couples to enjoy ensures that no flowers end up in the trash. Something Borrowed Blooms estimates that their arrangements are used an average of 26 times a year. Similarly, you will be able to have an easy and guilt-free wedding cleanup. Whereas most couples will struggle to give away or repurpose fresh arrangements.

Order from Something Borrowed Blooms

Ready to rent your wedding flowers? Something Borrowed Blooms makes it easy! Peruse their a la carte arrangements, with designs for every theme and style. If you don’t know where to start, take their “bloom styling quiz”, with questions about your color and style sense, guest count, and other information, the system will curate a custom cart with designs that align with your theme, for every aspect of your big day. Or, start with one piece, and the system will curate a custom cart with designs that align with your theme, for every aspect of your big day. 
When ordering, the owner suggests that couples secure their desired arrangements around three-to-four months before their wedding. However, they will accept orders up to 10 days before the big date. At this point, however, couples will be asked to choose from pieces that are currently in stock.  Once your order is placed, your blooms are scheduled for delivery three days ahead of your event so you can enjoy the gorgeous flowers without the worry for a five-day rental period. After your dream wedding has wrapped up, simply re-package and ship the pieces in the pre-paid boxes by the following business day.

If you aren’t ready to commit to renting your wedding flowers, we encourage you to do your own research! While there are countless benefits of renting flowers, it may not align with your vision or priorities. If you do choose to rent your wedding flowers, we hope that it will stretch your wedding budget and assist you in creating a beautiful, memorable wedding celebration. Want to learn more about faux wedding flowers and the rental process? Check out our chat with the co-founders of Something Borrowed Blooms, over on Spotify!
Hannah Filiatreau
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