6 Creative Ways to Work Pantone's 2023 Color of The Year Into Your Wedding

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Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, is “brave and fearless, a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.” So, what better color than Viva Magenta to include on your wedding day?
This bold, saturated hue complements neutrals and nudes beautifully, but as always, there can be too much of a good thing. Here are six creative ways to work Viva Magenta into your nuptials without overdoing it.

Florals with a pop of Magenta

Working colorful florals into your bridal bouquet and reception arrangements is a fun and simple way to make your big day stand out from the rest! If you typically gravitate towards neutral color palettes of white, taupe, beige, and lots of greenery, consider adding a magenta bud or two to spice up an otherwise subtle bouquet.
You can also pull in the color by using a magenta ribbon to tie off your bouquet. This technique works with or without including magenta blooms in your arrangements!
If you’re a colorful bride, the bouquet above exemplifies how gorgeous magenta can look when paired with pinks, corals, yellows, and even baby blues! Don’t be afraid to get creative with this vibrant hue, but remember: when it comes to magenta florals, less is more.

Have your cake and eat it too

There are a few fun ways to work magenta into your dessert spread. First, magenta blooms will really pop against a white-frosted wedding cake. Plus, if you do choose to include magenta in your bridal bouquet, this will be a great way to pull the color in at your reception! Ask your florist for just a few stems to decorate your cake so you don’t overwhelm it and to keep floral costs down.
You might also consider pulling magenta into your dessert in other ways. A red velvet cake can easily be dyed a magenta color, which can be shown off by decorating your cake in a “rustic” or “naked” style. Ask your caterer to scrape the frosting on the sides of the cake quite thin so the jewel-toned crumb shows through.
Finally, you can add pops of magenta to your cake or dessert spread by incorporating natural pinky-red foods, like fresh figs, grapes, plums, and nectarines. Serve the fruit as a healthy dessert option or use whole fruits as natural decorations; either will look gorgeous!

Punch up your tablescapes

One of the most fun and creative parts of planning a wedding is selecting decorations for your tablescapes! When it comes to choosing decoration types and styles, the sky really is the limit.
A simple and cost-effective way to pull your wedding colors into your tablescapes is using colored table runners. When using colorful table runners, I always recommend employing white or neutral tablecloths, which are classic and will allow your pop of color to really stand out. Purchase gauzy table runners from discount shops like Hobby Lobby, or work with a wedding planner to source specialty fabrics. Either will make a lovely statement!
For a less “in your face” look, incorporate decorative magenta elements into your table décor instead. Magenta glass votives, tapered candles, and napkins all complement a wide variety of color stories without pulling too much focus.
Finally, one of my favorite wedding trends of the new year is colored vintage glassware. Consider searching thrift stores or finding used wedding materials online for one-of-a-kind glassware that can bring a touch of colorful nostalgia to your dinner setup.

Don't forget about lighting

Yep, you read that right—lighting can be a subtle, inexpensive way to add some color to your big day! Work with your venue or lighting designer to create custom uplighting in a magenta hue or add magenta twinkle lights to outdoor dance floors. Lighting is an oft-forgotten element of weddings that, when carefully considered, allows the couple’s individuality to shine through! 
Custom neon signs like the one pictured above also look fun in a variety of colors and can provide guests with a unique photo opportunity. You don’t have to be quite as cheeky as the pictured sign; ”Mr. & Mrs.,” “Just Married,” and “Best Day Ever” are also cute phrases to put on your neon sign.

Elevate your paper goods

Magenta’s playful qualities work well on paper goods. Include magenta RSVP cards, envelopes, or even stamps to bring some life to your invitations, programs, menus, and escort cards. For an even more subtle touch, print magenta text on off-white or lilac paper. 
One of the great things about this color is that it meshes as well with themed weddings, like ‘70s-inspired events and garden parties, as it does with more traditional events. The amount of magenta you use in your paper goods and beyond will help set the tone for your big day, so make sure you’ve considered how playful or serious you’d like your wedding to feel before pulling the trigger. Magenta can help you define the mood for your bridal party and guests before the big day arrives!

Magenta wedding band

Finally, non-traditional brides might consider a wedding band that reflects their personality as much as the rest of their big day. I love the idea of sealing the deal with a colorful wedding band with a stone that reminds a couple of their unique nuptials! This stunning tourmaline stone sparkles just as much as a traditional diamond at a fraction of the cost, and the hue shows up beautifully in photos. Search for other settings and stone sizes on Etsy and at your local jewelry store.
Whether you plan to keep your wedding low-key or go big with color, magenta can be a fun way to bring some personality to your day. The jewel tone’s versatility lends itself to dozens of applications, from the suggestions listed above to many others. My rule of thumb is to use the darkest tones in your color story as accents only; remember that you’ll need less magenta to make an impact than you would with, say, a beige or taupe. Applied tastefully, Viva Magenta will make your big day unforgettable!
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