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That short distance when you begin to walk down the aisle may feel like the most memorable part of the ceremony for some. When the groom sees his beautiful bride on the arm of her father and begins to get teary-eyed, is the most memorable part for others. Either way, having a creative wedding aisle can make for a unique and beautiful ceremony. Here are 5 creative wedding aisles that we love!

1. Decorate your outdoor wedding with wood furniture.

Be creative with what nature already has to offer, and repurpose wooden barrels as tabletops!

2. Go to the beach!

Another nature-themed wedding idea is going to the beach (each, let's go get away) for your big day. One idea would be to use driftwood and roses to decorate the aisle.

3. String lights make for a romantic atmosphere.

Another classic idea is using string lights to bring some fun light to your wedding day.

4. Simple vibes with a pop of color.

If you have a basic style, consider bringing your theme up to the next level with a pop of color!

5. Overlooking lush green rolling hills.

Imagine the hills where Julie Andrews sings "The Sound of Music." We love the idea of hosting an outdoor wedding with nothing in sight but greenery and mountains.