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9 Things You'll Learn About Your Bestie As They Get Ready To Tie The Knot

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So someone you know and love just got engaged. Maybe it's your big sister who you've known all your life. Perhaps, it's your high school bestie who has been by your side through it all. Or maybe, just maybe, it's your college roomie who knows all of your deepest, darkest secrets (shhh). Whoever the lucky duck is if they're getting ready to tie the knot, be prepared to learn some things about them that you never thought possible. Of course, every nearlywed is different — and some are fortunate enough to not feel any effects from planning at all — but chances are that you'll probably have some eye-opening experiences with your bestie as they pull together their big day.

1. They really, really care about napkin patterns.

Polka dot, floral, linen, satin, lace-trimmed — so many options! But which one is just right for their reception? You better believe they will spend hours in quiet contemplation over this very, very crucial detail. Never mind that people are going to use these things to literally wipe the food that didn't make it into their mouths off of their faces — your bestie now believes that napkins matter. SO. MUCH.

2. They're kind of a wine snob.


You've seen their expansive knowledge of wine in action when you go out to dinner, but um, remember that wine tasting you two went to before the wedding? Yeah, that took their "expertise" to a whole other level. They asked questions about the terroir and commented on the wine's bouquet. But, at the end of the day, you know you're in for some delicious vino at their wedding!

3. They take things personally.


Another one of their friends can't make it to their wedding shower because of her brother's birthday... and the nearlywed definitely shared with you that they're straight-up offended and just wants to cry. They've even asked you a few times if it's wrong to think that their friend is being rude — their friend's brother will have many, many more birthdays, after all, and they will only have one shower. "It's not fair!" has definitely come out of their mouth a few times. Don't hold it against them — it's just wedding brain (well, hopefully).

4. They cannot stand the color yellow.


Blue is your bestie's favorite color, you know that. But when you were picking out table settings for their registry together, you learned just how much they HATE all things yellow. Anything remotely sunny-looking was immediately shot down, from dinner plate detailing to the KitchenAid stand mixer. Let this serve as a reminder to NOT wear that yellow dress to their wedding shower...

5. They're crazy good with spreadsheets.


Whenever y'all worked on a class project together and had to use Excel, they pawned that task off on you as quickly as possible. They dreaded it (and may even have felt confused or overwhelmed or angry by spreadsheets). But when they're enlisting the tool for building their wedding timeline or using it to balance their big day budget, they're a total pro!

6. They're not as crafty as you thought.


Your bestie may read more DIY blogs that you even knew existed, but when it came time to make those glitter-festooned letters they saw on Pinterest? Well, they quickly realized that doing something is a lot harder than reading about doing it. And as long as they can admit that, you both will be fine. Just a warning though, if you find them with sparkles shellacked to their fingers, weeping softly, just hold them. DIY is hard.

7. Their concept of money is now totally skewed (albeit temporarily).


Three hundred dollars to take up the hem of their too-long wedding outfit? Seems totally reasonable in their mind while you're standing next to them with your jaw on the floor. Thousands of dollars on flowers that are going to perish within 24 hours (even though they'll look totally gorgeous in your photos)? Perfectly normal for the nearlywed! Don't worry, they'll go back to their totally reasonable self when it comes to spending post-nuptials.

8. They do NOT handle stress all that well.


Maybe it's the stress of the wedding, but crying and, yes, yelling, has become a part of their weekly (erm, daily?) life. They call you up and everything is fine. You ask about the wedding and... meltdown city. You know these reactions aren't productive, they know they're not helpful, but you both know they happen. So keep that in mind and remember that they're not a complete loose cannon — they're just temporarily caught up in the wedding madness.

9. They'll always be there for you.

On a more serious note, wedding planning is an important time for the nearlywed. Your bestie has a big party to plan and some serious vows to write, after all. But somehow they still find time to meet you for brunch or a quick drink AND remember to ask about that project you're working on for your job. Chances are, between their DIY attempts and bridal breakdowns, they're going to show you just how good a friend they really are.
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