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How to “Treat Yo Self” If You’re A Little Bummed About Another BFF Getting Engaged

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1. Take a trip. 
Focus on exploring a new place rather than dwelling on negative feelings. You don't have to travel far to lift your mood, and just visiting the next town over can clear your head. 
2. Go on a date with someone new. 
If you're single, get out there and spend some time with a new person. Even if it's a simple coffee date, you never know where it might lead! 
3. Host friends at your place for cocktails. 
This is a great way to catch up with old friends but also mix some new faces into your social circle. Who knows, that mysterious acquaintance might turn into a treasured pal... or more. 
4. Try a new restaurant or recipe. Instead of feeling down, why not make your tastebuds sing with joy?
Get your inner Top Chef on with a fab new dish to make or taste test that new gastropub with its new microbrews. 
5. Have a night in complete with wine, movies, and sweets.
 It's time to treat yourself. Grab a bottle of your favorite red (or white), some classic feel-good films, and your yummiest chocolate. 
6. Do a little retail therapy. 
When we're feeling sad, it's often because we feel left out or ignored. Pay attention to yourself and make a mini-splurge on something lovely and wallet-friendly. 7. Pick up some fresh blooms at the grocery store. A house full of fresh flowers can't be a downer. Let the florals invigorate your spirits and spruce up your abode. 
8. Get a manicure or pedicure. 
Let yourself be pampered to the max. Sign up for an ultra-relaxing mani and Pedi session for some time to kick back and not think about anything at all. 
9. Make plans with your friends for a night out. 
Spend quality time with your dearest BFFs. Whether it's gabbing over a round of drinks, dancing the night away at a concert, or a cozy dinner at a trendy restaurant, you need some solid hang time with your besties. 
10. Consider a new hairstyle or color.
 If you're feeling the need to refresh yourself, look no further than a new 'do. Whether it's a shade switch or going from long locks to rocking a cropped pixie, follow your own style. 1
11. Splurge on something nice for your home. 
Your house should be a restful spot. Small, simple design touches can transform a space into a completely relaxing hideaway. Eyeing some new throw pillows? Or, an Edison lamp? Go for it and make your home uniquely you. 
12. Buy concert tickets and listen to some live music. 
Whether you like to let loose in the mosh pit or get lost in a trance, music can transform our emotions. Let yourself get lifted out of your funk with some life-changing tunes. 
13. Head to the gym and work out your frustrations. 
If your emotions feel stuck, then it's time to sweat them out. Lift, train, and stretch your way out of those bad vibes. Trust us, your body and mind will thank you. 
14. Take yourself on a movie date. 
Get the popcorn ready and catch a flick. Make a night at the theater with just you and your new fave movie. You could feel bitter at home, or you can feel amazingly better out and about. Now, just don't forget the gummy bears. 
15. Visit family or friends in another city or state. 
If a big trip to Europe isn't in the near future, you can reach out to friends and family that aren't so close by. If you're feeling down about not finding the one, then a catch-up sesh with your biggest supporters could help. 16. Read a good book and sip a cup of tea. If you want to escape but don't want to leave home, this is the best way to transport yourself to another world or even another life. Get your Goodreads list ready and plow through those indie short stories and classic novels. 
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